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Friday, August 22, 2008


I guess if Motherhood Maternity can be sued for pregnancy discrimination, then the AARP can be sued for age discrimination. It seems that Bonita Brady, age 63, claims she was passed over for a series of promotions even though she received excellent job reviews. Michael Moore at the Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog has some excellent thoughts on what a lawsuit such as this one can mean to an organization's core values.

As for the rest of the week's best posts:

Drug and Device Law provides a manifesto (of sorts) on what it means to be a lawyer. Hopefully they won't mind, but it's so good I'm reprinting the highlights. Please click on over for the rest.

We admit it: We're as crazy as the next guy.

Heck -- given that we spend nights and weekends feeding this blog, there's a pretty strong argument that we're crazier than the next guy.

We fret about whether each and every one of the ten million documents has been reviewed and coded correctly, and we change commas into dashes -- and back again -- in footnote nine on page thirty of the brief.

We believe that our clients are more likely to win if we do our jobs right, and we devote an awful lot of energy to that cause.

And then the system kicks in.

Courts make utterly unpredictable procedural rulings that dramatically change the value of our cases. ...

The Laconic Law Blog and the Connecticut Employment Law Blog have details on amendments to the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission Act that create a new cause of action designed to protect whistleblowers on product safety issues. Also check out the Connecticut Employment Law Blog's summary of issues surrounding the selection of EPL insurance.

The National Law Journal reports on employers' use of surveillance to catch FMLA scofflaws.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog lists the top 5 costs associated with workplace bullying.

Wage and Hour - Development & Highlights correctly reports that lunch time can be counted as work time. For my thoughts on this issue, see More on compensation for meal periods.

The Manpower Employment Blawg presents its list of the top 10 most frightening employment law issues.

Electronic Discovery Navigator reminds businesses that lawsuits can be an expensive IT threat.

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