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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Governor Strickland formally speaks out against Healthy Families Act

Governor Strickland's efforts to broker a compromise on the Healthy Families Act have officially failed. He has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to come to some workable solution that would keep the initiative off November's ballot. With that effort having gone for naught, the Governor has now officially weighed in with their opinion on this proposal:

We also recognize it is important to make clear our thoughts on important public policy issues and today are announcing that we cannot support the paid sick-day ballot initiative.  While we would hope that all Ohio businesses would make paid sick days available to their employees whenever possible, we believe that this initiative is unworkable, unwieldy and would be detrimental to Ohio's economy, and we will be opposing it and asking Ohioans to oppose it as a result.

Folks, if the Democratic Governor of our state is against this pro-employee measure, is there any doubt that its passage is bad for Ohio?
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