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Friday, August 22, 2008

Governor Strickland's press release against the Healthy Families Act

For those who are interested, the following is the Governor's press release condemning the Healthy Families Act.

The fight between both sides of this issue between now and November 4 is going to be very contentious. It is very significant that our Democratic Governor has taken a public stand against this measure. The key for businesses is to figure out a game plan to capitalize on this publicity and get the message out to employees that there is a significant price to be paid in exchange for 7 paid sick days.

There are a wealth of resources available on the internet about the Healthy Families Act.

  • Ohioans to Protect Jobs and Fair Benefits is the official campaign against this ballot measure. Its website not only has information for those who oppose this initiative, but details on how to get involved in the campaign.
  • COSE (the Council of Smaller Enterprises) also has a great informational website about the Healthy Families Act, and information on how to get involved in the campaign.
  • Play Sick Ohio has been created by the Ohio Roundtable, a non-profit public policy think tank.

And, I will continue to keep everyone updated as this campaign against mandated paid sick leave continues.

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