Monday, November 2, 2020

Music will get my through the next few days (I hope) — my survival playlist

There is no doubt that life is stressful right now. Between the exponentially and dangerously rising COVID-19 numbers (and the unwillingness of enough of us to take the basic health and safety measure to tame them and protect us all) and the election (which literally feels like the future of our nation is on the ballot) I'm bundle of nerves.

When I feel this way, I turn to music to calm me. So I thought I'd share my Desperate Times — Songs to Survive By playlist (ed. note: not everyone would consider all of these songs to be "calming," but my list my songs). Some are protest songs that feel particularly timely and some just flat out bring an optimistic smile to my face.

How are you planning to survive these stressful days with your sanity intact? Any songs you'd recommend I add to my playlist? Drop a comment below, @ or DM on Twitter, or leave a comment on LinkedIn here.