Friday, July 6, 2018

WIRTW #513 (the “Murica” edition)

I've been reflecting this week about what it means to be American.

We used to welcome tired, poor, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. Now we lock their children in cages.

We used to foster global democracy with our allies. Now we shun our allies and cozy up to those who seek to undermine democracy.

We used to welcome free speech and open discourse. Now we ridicule those who think differently.

When you add this all up, it's scary.

I worry that what it means to be American is changing.

I worry that our nation is becoming more factioned; as we take sides with one pole or the other, we lose the center and ability to compromise.

Our national has fractured before — the Civil War (for starters), and the civil rights movement more recently.

I'm not so idealistic to think that our nation hasn't had its black eyes and warts. But we could always rely on civility and the rule of law to bring us back.

As I reflect during the week in which we celebrate our independence, let us not forget what it means to be American.

Openness of ideas.

If we can keep ideas flowing through free and unfettered discourse, we will always maintain the ideal of what it means to American.

Here's what I read this week:



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