Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The 12th nominee for the “worst employer of 2018” is … the soulless supervisor

I did not intend to run back-to-back "worst employer" nominees. And then I received this reader submission (thanks Suzanne Lucas).

The headline says it all:
Manager fired after her callous texts with a mom whose son is on life support go viral

From wtsp.com:
A mom requesting time off work at a gas station because of a family emergency went viral because the text exchange with her boss shared on Facebook was shockingly callous.

The Michigan mom, Crystal Reynolds Fisher, told her manager that she wouldn't be able to work an upcoming shift because her son was on life support. Her manager replied: "If you can't come to work, that's you quitting."

It gets worse.

The manager, identified in the texts as Dawn, told Crystal, "There's no reason you can't work and I will not tolerate drama."

Here's the actual text exchange, via Crystal's Facebook post:

For its part, the company that manages the gas station, Folk Oil Company, investigated and fired the manager.

Some, however, question the employer's altruistic motives, suggesting that it only fired the manager because the employee's post went viral (69,000 shares and counting).

Nevertheless, if you fire an employee, via text message, for missing a shift because her son is on life support, you might be the worst employer of 2018.