Monday, August 7, 2017

Listen to me on the Talent10x podcast discuss the current state of LGBTQ discrimination

I have enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Workforce Magazine. I’ve been blogging at for the past five-plus years. I write a monthly column for the magzine. And, I serve on its editorial advisory board. Now, you can also add “podcaster” to my Workforce CV.

Last Thursday, I guested on the Talent10x podcast, produced by Workforce’s sister publication, Talent Economy.

You’ll hear my long-form discussion of my views on Trump’s ban on transgender individuals in military, the current state of the of LGBTQ discrimination, and why employers should ignore the law and just do the right thing. You’ll also hear me earn the nickname, “The Barrister of the Blogging World.”

Enjoy, and thanks to Frank Kalman and the folks at Talent Economy for hosting, and to my editor at Workforce, Rick Bell, for setting this up and for the sweet nickname.