Friday, February 6, 2009


This week’s review starts with a couple of follow ups on early posts. Wage and Hour Counsel reports on an 11th Circuit decision discussing the FLSA’s outside sales exemption (see Do you know? The FLSA’s exemptions for salespeople), and KnowHR provides some tips on drafting a snow day policy (see A primer on inclement weather policies)

The Delaware Employment Law Blog posts a very useful PowerPoint from a recent FMLA presentation.

The Workplace Prof Blog [courtesy of Slate] reports on what may be the world’s worst HR department.

Human Rights in the Workplace gives some more tips on the use of social networking tools in hiring.

Evil HR Lady offers some information on how to deal with ill employees who are being laid off.

The Business of Management provides advice on handling employees and confidential information.

The Connecticut Employment Law Blog uses Joe Torre’s book as a springboard to talk about non-disparagement clauses.

Ohio Practical Business Law writes a primer on tortious interference.

The ChamberPost reports on a new academic study which that makes the case against the Employee Free Choice Act.