Friday, January 16, 2009


What are my contemporaries writing about this week? Let’s take a look.

George’s Employment Blawg and the National Law Journal both share their thought on whether recession-era juries will be good or bad to employers.

The HR Capitalist gives his opinion on whether fighting labor unions was good or bad for Starbuck’s corporate image.

The Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog provides a handy HR compliance checklist for the new year.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog continues its back to school course on the FLSA with a lesson on recordkeeping.

The Employment Law Blog answers why severance agreements always advise the employee to consult with an attorney.

Workplace Privacy Counsel breaks down privacy concerns in the new FMLA regulations.

KnowHR Blog reminds everyone that confidentiality is key during layoffs.

The Washington Labor & Employment Wire reports on two recent DOL opinion letters on wage and hour issues for tipped employees.

Human Rights in the Workplace discusses an interesting sex harassment case from our neighbors up north.