Friday, September 5, 2008


With Ohio's Healthy Families Act officially dead, attention turns to legislation on the federal level. It is safe to say that if Barack Obama is elected President, employment law in this country will see its biggest transformation since perhaps 1964. On the horizon are landmark pieces of legislation, including the federal Healthy Families Act, the Employee Free Choice Act, the ADA Restoration Act, the Civil Rights Act of 2008, and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The ABA Journal Daily News and Human Resource Executive Online have the details.

Work Matters, a blog I recently discovered, has an interesting take on race in the workplace.

The Business of Management points out that it is generally a bad idea to notify employees about a lay off via email.

The Delaware Employment Law Blog reports on the 10 best excuses for being late to work.

The Evil HR Lady gives some tips on how to handle an employee who frequently skips out of work because of headaches.

The Labor and Employment Law blog lists 8 steps employers should take to comply with HIPAA.

Fair Labor Standards Act Law talks about Kimoto v. McDonald's Corp., in which a California federal court refused to certify a wage and hour class action.

Finally, Workplace Prof Blog gives its opinion on a 3rd Circuit case which held that a Spanish-speaking employee could be bound by an arbitration agreement written in English.