Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ohio Chamber of Commerce announces victory on paid sick leave

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce has weighed in on the timely demise of the Healthy Families Act:

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is pleased the mandated sick leave proposal will be pulled from the November ballot.  We appreciate the courage Governor Ted Strickland exhibited as he worked diligently to protect Ohio’s economy from this extremely costly proposal.  We applaud his leadership and the leadership of Senate President Bill Harris and House Speaker Jon Husted on this issue.  They truly understood how detrimental this mandate would be to our state’s economy and the ability to attract and retain the jobs Ohioans so desperately need.  Ohio employers have always provided good-paying jobs with excellent benefits.  With this issue behind them, they can now get back to the work of growing their businesses and creating jobs.

Meanwhile, SEIU District 1199, the measure's sponsor, has indicated that it pulled the issue from the ballot after Gov. Strickland and Sen. Sherrod Brown pledged their help in enacting the law on a federal scale. In other words, stay tuned in 2009 for the resumption of this battle on Capitol Hill.