Friday, April 4, 2008

What else I'm reading this week #25

It's a constant struggle to decide which is the hotter topic in employment law -- wage and hour lawsuits or retaliation claims. I've been focusing a lot of attention lately to the latter, so let's start this week's review with a pair of articles on the former. BLR's Daily HR Advisor asks the question, FLSA Class Action Overtime Suits—Are You Next? To help answer that question, gives everyone a lesson in Overtime 101. Workplace Horizons provides a timely update on an attempt to revitalize new regulations for SSA No-Match letters. For an explanation of what these new rules would mean, see New rules require termination of illegal immigrants

Mark Toth at the Manpower Employment Blawg asks if obesity discrimination is more prevalent than even race discrimination. I gave my thoughts on this issue last June: Supersized lawsuits - obesity-related claims expected to rise

The Workplace Prof Blog gives an academic perspective on a case in which Wal-Mart fired a manager for engaging in an improper affair with a coworker after it hired an investigator to follow the couple down to Central America to catch them in the act.'s HR Guru gives some pointers on dealing with workplace violence.

Finally, my friend Donna Seale at Human Rights in the Workplace gives us a Canadian perspective on employers' responsibility for harassment by non-employees.