Friday, June 28, 2024

WIRTW #722: the 'Até logo' edition

I'll be back with a fresh spirit and fresh content on July 10. This lawyer is officially on vacation.

Here's what I read this week that you should read, too.

The difference between what an employee feels is a hostile work environment and a genuinely unlawful one — via Eric Meyer's Employer Handbook Blog

How Starbucks Devalued Its Own Brand — via Harvard Business Review

Three Areas for Employers to Act on This Summer — via Dan Schwartz's Connecticut Employment Law Blog

Major Questions Doctrine Issues Come into Focus in Lawsuit Challenging FTC’s Ban on Non-Competition Covenants — via The Employment Brief

Labor Relatedly on DTHR with Peter List — via Lunch Conversation with DriveThru HR

A Legal Guide to Navigating Mental Health Disabilities and Ableism at Work — via EntertainHR

It's Pride Month. Where Did All the Drinks Brands Go? — via VinePair