Friday, June 7, 2024

WIRTW #720: the 'Azores' edition

Last summer, my family and I fell in love hard with Portugal. So, this summer we are going back, sort of.

In a little over three weeks we leave for the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal. It's a subtropical archipelago of nine islands known as the "Hawaii of the Atlantic." 

We'll be on São Miguel, the largest of the islands, choosing to explore that one island in depth over the span of 8 days instead of hopping between islands and only getting a smaller taste of several. It's renowned for its stunning landscapes, which include green hills, crater lakes, and ocean-side miradouros (viewpoints), volcanic hot springs, black-sand beaches, marine life, and cows. (In fact, there are twice as many cows on the island than people.)

For any of you who've been to São Miguel, what are your must-sees and must-dos? What are your favorite hikes? What off-the-beaten-path sights are worth our time? Which tours do you recommend? How about some A+ restaurant recommendations?

Thanks in advance for playing tour guide for me. I'll reward you with pictures and stories after my return.

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