Friday, April 19, 2024

WIRTW #714: the ‘today's post is brought to you by the letters W, G, and A' edition

"No one wants to see a picket line on Sesame Street," said Writers Guild President Lisa Takeuchi Cullen.

Earlier this week, Writers Guild members at Sesame Workshop unanimously voted to authorize a strike if management does not agree to a new collective bargaining agreement before their current contract expires later today. Absent a deal, picketing will begin on April 24.

The writers are seeking industry standard annual raises, improvements to residuals, and union coverage for Sesame Workshop's animation and social media segments.

Anyone who follows me on the regular knows that I'm no fan of labor unions. The demands of these writers, however, seem fair and reasonable. They will also have public sentiment on their side.

"Millions of parents and families around the world are going to have a lot of questions," said Lisa Takeuchi Cullen. "They might ask why the bosses at Sesame Workshop are ignoring their company's own messages of kindness and fairness."

Ouch. Your business has a serious problem when your actions don't match stated values. And that's brought to you by the letters, B, A, and D.

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