Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The 4th nominee for the Worst Employer of 2024 is … the repulsive raisin-maker

National Raisin has agreed to pay $2 million to settle an EEOC sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit that the agency filed on behalf of a class of female agricultural workers, many of whom only speak Spanish.

According to the EEOC's lawsuit, National Raisin subjected its female fruit sorters to "widespread" sexual harassment perpetrated by a male supervisor, which included:

🤮 touching his genitals while leering at female employees;
🤮 touching multiple female employees without their consent;
🤮 rubbing himself against female employees;
🤮 repeatedly demanding that female employees have sex with him; and
🤮 threatening to have them fired if they complained.

The EEOC further alleged that National Raisin's HR department and management did nothing when employees complained about the severe and pervasive sexual harassment to which they had been subjected.

According to EEOC Chair Charlotte A. Burrows, "Farmworker women, especially those with limited English proficiency, fall squarely within the category of vulnerable workers. The EEOC will continue to bring litigation where necessary to ensure that they — and all workers — have equal employment opportunity free from workplace harassment."

Adds Anna Park, the EEOC's regional attorney prosecuting the claims, "Sexual harassment remains a persistent problem in the agriculture industry and employers need to take their responsibilities seriously to ensure a workplace free of discrimination."

It's for these compelling reasons that National Raisin has earned my 4th nomination for the Worst Employer of 2024.