Friday, February 23, 2024

WIRTW #707: the “mojo” edition

One, two, three, four
There's a plague on the planet
And they went to law school
A bunch of hornswogglers
Treat us like fools
Know who I'm talkin' about
Let me hear you shout

Destroy all lawyers
Destroy all lawyers
Bunch of evil weasel poseurs
Destroy all lawyers

Watch them push them papers
And bend them laws
Will the chump with the most money
Buy them all?
Grab them by their tails
Spit in their eyes
Well they charge you by the minute
While we get paid by the hour
What I want to know
Is how they steal all this power?


They got, they got their own bar
Where they drink pints of greed
Let's spay and neuter 'em
So that they can't breed
So let us
Is at the bottom of the sea
Well they're not even evil
Yeah, they're worse than the devil
Gonna blow up the planet
Charge God double


R.I.P. Mojo Nixon. 

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