Thursday, January 25, 2024

Join me at this year’s Craft Brewers Conference

If you google “brewery harassment” you’ll polish off an entire six-pack before you finish reading all of the horror stories.
🤮 “Breweries named in wave of sexual harassment claims; CEO steps down.”
🤮 “Brewery ownership group ‘steps back’ after sexual harassment claims.”
🤮 “’This behavior should not be endorsed or tolerated’: harassment allegations explored as brewery reportedly closes.”
🤮 “Couple who helped start major brewery accuse owner of sexual harassment.”
🤮 “Brewery founder steps away from operations amid allegations of sexism and racism.”
🤮 “Findings of investigation into toxic brewery workplace are ‘troubling and heartbreaking.’”

And on … and on … and on. It’s an epidemic in our craft beer industry.

Which is precisely why I am so excited to be returning to this year’s Craft Brewers Conference to present, “Crafting a Harassment-Free Craft Brewery.”

Thematically, I’ll be focusing on two key harassment-prevention topics: (1) why our workplace harassment laws are a conduct floor and not a conduct ceiling, and (2) how you can’t hope to curb inappropriate workplace behavior without holding everyone (including and especially brewery owners) accountable when their behavior fails to meet our expectations.

My session is part of CBC’s April 21 preconference THRIVE Workshop, a day-long experience specifically designed for brewery owners, people leaders, and HR and DEI practitioners. THRIVE will provide an integrated deep dive into HR, DEI, and wellness topics for craft brewers of all sizes. I also spoke at last year’s THRIVE workshop and can vouch that the Brewers Association puts on a first-rate program. (Bonus: you get SHRM continuing education credits for attending.)

For more information on how to join me in Vegas and attend THRIVE or the entire conference from April 21 – 24, email me or visit