Friday, December 1, 2023

WIRTW #697: the “independent study” edition

Younger Jon would have never believed that Older Jon has two children in private school. I'm a proud survivor of the School District of Philadelphia, which provided me a high-quality education that positioned me well for college and career.

And yet, here I am with two children attending a K-12 independent private school. It's the best possible choice I could have made for either of them. Here's one example as to why.

My daughter, Norah, plans to major in early childhood education in college in preparation for a career as an elementary school teacher. Last year, she mentored in the Lower School by helping out in the 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms during her free periods. This year, however, a modernization of the school's daily schedule eliminated that opportunity.

Instead of giving up something she loves (working with the younger children), she pitched to the Upper School administration the idea of an independent study for the first semester of her senior year. The school wholeheartedly agreed.

For the past three-plus months, Norah independently researched early childhood education and development (specifically, the impact of tone of voice in the classroom), compiled that research into a paper, and designed and taught a lesson plan for the third grade.

Earlier this week, Norah presented her independent study to the Lower School faculty. Watching her professionally and confidently present her research and classroom experience was one of my best parental moments. It's a testament to her and the education she has received for the past 13 years at Lake Ridge Academy.

Norah is going to make a wonderful elementary school teacher, and I couldn't be prouder.

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