Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Paper plant settles case of egregious racial harassment with EEOC for $385,000

Packaging Corporation of America has agreed to pay the EEOC $385,000 to settle the racial harassment claims of two African American employees. 

The allegations are egregious (per the EEOC's news release).

Co-workers and a shift supervisor commonly used racial slurs and derision, even broadcasting these phrases over the facility's radio system. The Black workers also faced graffiti of swastikas and were taunted with a makeshift noose. The employers failed to act on the harassment, according to the EEOC. For instance, after one employee submitted a photo of the drawing his shift lead had scribbled onto his workstation, comprised of a confed­erate flag inscribed with the phrase "Long Live the Confederacy," human resources closed the investigation due to insufficient evidence, without interviewing the alleged harasser.

The appalling allegations coupled with HR dropping the investigatory ball would be enough to earn this employer a spot on my Worst Employer List … but, alas, that list is closed for 2022.

Which brings me to the real point of today's post — the polls open tomorrow for you to vote on the Worst Employer of 2022. I've cut this year's list of 14 nominees down to 7 finalists. Come back tomorrow to see if you're favorites made the cut and then vote.