Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Why employees are quitting might also tell you why they are unionizing

Why are employees quitting their jobs? StandOutCV (as reported by TLNT) wanted to know the answer, so it analyzed 2,698 recent social media posts where someone revealed the specific reason(s) for their resignation.

Here are the top 10 results.
  1. Burnout/mental health issues (15.75%)
  2. Poor management (13.86%)
  3. COVID/safety concerns (10.57%)
  4. No work-life balance (9.10%)
  5. Low pay/salary (8.80%)
  6. Feeling unfulfilled (5.90%)
  7. Got a new job (5.35%)
  8. Discrimination (4.04%)
  9. Working conditions (2.99%)
  10. Harassment/bullying (2.02%)
I strongly believe that if you asked employees why they're considering organizing a labor union, the list of reasons would look very similar — burnout; safety failures; poor management; long hours; low pay; discrimination, harassment, and bullying. The issue isn't so much why, but how you're addressing it in your workplace. If you're not determining whether these issues are problems in your workplace so that you can proactively address and fix them, you've definitely got some work to do.