Friday, February 18, 2022

WIRTW #614: the “North Star” edition

I spent yesterday at my kids' school, Lake Ridge Academy. With the assistance of Grant Lichtman, an internationally recognized thought leader in the drive to transform K-12 education, I, along with the school's faculty, staff, and administration, some other parents, some students, and my fellow board members, spent the better part of the day brainstorming to determine the school's North Star — the one thing that will move the school forward with us all moving in the same direction, or, to put it differently, the one thing that will make us irresistible.

We learned a lot about us as a school and where we want to be. It was a rewarding, engaging, and energizing exercise from which any organization (or person) would benefit. 

What is your North Star? Or your business's North Star? Share in the comments below.

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