Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Coronavirus Update 2-1-22: I just gave my kids the worst business trip souvenir ever

In the before times, when I actually traveled for business, I'd always try to come home with a souvenir for the kids. A t-shirt, a stuffed animal, something small, but at least something so they knew I was thinking about them when I was gone.

Two weeks ago, I got to travel for work again — this time to Cincinnati for the annual Ohio Craft Brewers Conference. Never fear, I did not forget to bring home a souvenir for the kids. While certainly memorable, it's one that they would certainly rather forget.

I brought them Covid-19. 😥🦠🤒

Thankfully, our Covid experience was mild and we all survived with varying degrees of minor symptoms along with five days of isolation. 

On this week's episode of The Norah and Dad Show, Norah and I talk about our experience with Omicron. We discuss how we handled having the virus, life during isolation, what we missed from the past 22 months of trying to act responsibly, and what we’re looking forward to doing now that we have our super-immunity. We also discuss the dangers of late-night milkshake deliveries and, notwithstanding, how ice cream makes everything better.

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify (yes, we're still there, even though Joe Rogan spews dangerous garbage), Google Podcasts, the old-fashioned web browser, and wherever you get your podcasts.