Tuesday, January 4, 2022

The 1st nominee for the “Worst Employer of 2022” is … the crashing chief

Another year, another batch of awful employers for your consideration and your year-end voting. Might as well start off big.

Ogden boss allegedly tries to punch worker, rams his truck

The Standard-Examiner has the details.
A 77-year-old business owner [Sam Taylor Evans] allegedly tried to punch an employee, fired him, then repeatedly crashed his vehicle into the worker’s truck while he was in it, according to charging documents. …

During an altercation at the truck accessories business in the 3200 block of Wall, Evans allegedly twice tried to punch the employee, said he was fired, and told him to leave, charging documents said.

The employee told police Evans "has done this several times over the years that he had worked for him," so he decided to leave to let Evans "cool off" and return later to talk to him, according to the charges.

The man said he drove around for a few minutes and was at the corner of 33rd and Lincoln Avenue when Evans allegedly rammed his truck into the back of the fired worker's truck. Evans allegedly tried to ram the man's truck twice more, then sped past him as police were arriving.

In response to the story, Evans' attorney offered a solid, No comment," but added that the parties are "working toward a positive outcome." I'm not sure what a "positive outcome" looks like when your client (allegedly) repeatedly crashes his truck into an employee. Whatever that outcome ends up being, it won't keep this employer off of this year's Worst Employer list.