Tuesday, December 7, 2021

The Norah and Dad Show podcast is live and ready for your downloads

Today is a very exciting day for me. Today is the official launch of The Norah and Dad Show podcast.

It started a month or so ago when Norah (my 15-year-old daughter) and I recorded a guest episode of Rockin' the Suburbs (which you can listen to this Friday). "Dad," Norah said, "We should start a podcast." Never one to discount the wishes of a teenager to spend time with a parent, I quickly agreed, and The Norah and Dad Show was born.

We don't have a set format, other than each week we will tackle a different topic of discussion, which thus far Norah has chosen. Episodes are deliberately brief, a 10- to 15-minute easily digestible listen.

New episodes will drop every Tuesday morning. We're launching with our first three. I am really, really proud of how this first batch of episodes turned out. 

So here are my asks for you, my valued readers. Wherever you get your podcasts, please subscribe so that new episodes are automatically delivered to your queue each week. And no matter how you listen, we'd sure love and appreciate a 5* review and some words of encouragement on Apple Podcasts.

To give everyone a head start on finding us, here's where we are on the most popular platforms:

Or, just search for "Norah and Dad Show" in your podcast app.

Cheers! And thanks for listening, subscribing, and rating/reviewing.