Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The 14th nominee for the “Worst Employer of 2021” is … the Singing Supervisor

You can tell by the smell that your girl's not doing well when the end of the month rolls along. You can tell by the stink that your girl's not in the pink when the end of the month rolls along.
That's the first verse of a song Brian Mamott, an employee in the Village of Lancaster, New York's, Department of Public Works, sang to his co-workers during a July 15, 2021, workplace meeting. And that's the least offensive part of the song. According to WGRZ (which obtained a video recording of the performance), the remainder of the two-minute ditty included verses, "about women being 'bitchy' during their period and about sex acts with women while they're menstruating."

Aline Weber, a 20-year-old college student working her third consecutive summer for the DPM as a means to help pay tuition, was the only female in the room. With tears in her eyes, she recounted the experience to WGRZ. "It was disgusting. It was unnecessary. It was gross. It was gross." If you watch the video of the event, you'll see it focus on Weber fidgeting in her seat and forcing a fake smile.

That same day, Aline filed a formal complaint with the village government. According to Paul Rudz, a village trustee and chairman of its human resources committee, Mamott was immediately suspended for 10 days without pay (an entirely appropriate response).

But it's what happened next that earns this employer a spot on this year's Worst Employer list. After Mamott returned from his suspension, the village required all employees to attend sexual harassment training. Later that day, Aline looked out the window of her house to see Mamott parked in front. She snapped a photo and filed a police report. Thus far, Mamott remains on the job.

According to Mayor Lynne Ruda, "The Village does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or retaliation of any kind. Period. It takes courage for someone to report this conduct, and we are grateful when they do. We take these reports very seriously." She adds that the Village is trying to fire Mamott, but he's in the union and they are constricted by the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

Meanwhile, the employee who recorded the video and can be heard laughing throughout, Adam Dickman (a recently re-elected member of the Village Council), remains on the job. Mayor Ruda says that the village government's "thorough investigation" found no basis to take any personnel action against Dickman.

A quite worthy nominee for this year's Worst Employer.