Friday, April 30, 2021

Coronavirus Update 4-30-2021: Today in pro se lawsuit insanity

Masks remain a key line that divides our country. The CDC just announced that the fully vaccinated safely can go maskless in small gatherings outdoors. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson is telling his viewers to call the police when they see a child wearing a mask; the charge—child abuse.

And then there's this bonkers lawsuit—the CEO of Costco is being sued for $350 million for implementing a mandatory mask rule in his stores. The plaintiff claims an infringement of his constitutional right to go maskless in public.

His claims are creative … which is legalese for 🐮💩.

I don't even know where to begin with this nonsense. Except this. Somehow, wearing a small piece of cloth over one's face became a matter of dire controversy. And this. We really need to prioritize teaching basic civics in our schools.

To balance the insanity of this lawsuit, I thought I'd leave you with some music to close your week, my daughter's set from last weekend's 48 Hour Virtual Music Fest.