Thursday, March 11, 2021

Coronavirus Update 3-11-2021: Happy 1st Birthday COVID-19 Pandemic

It's been exactly one year since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. Tomorrow will mark the one-year anniversary of when I started working from home. (It will also mark another significant milestone, but more on that on Monday.) Wednesday is one year from the date I temporarily rebranded the Ohio Employer Law Blog as the Coronavirus Law Blog. I look forward to ending that branding soon.

In light of today's sad milestone, I thought I'd offer a list of 12 things (one for each month of the pandemic) to which we've grown accustomed over the past year, and which I'm looking forward to burying in the past as soon as possible.
  1. Masks
  2. "Six feet"
  3. Zoom cocktail hours
  4. Dining in, not out
  5. Curbside pickup
  6. Missing my parents
  7. Hoarding toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer
  8. Constantly washing our hands and sanitizing surfaces
  9. Virtual concerts and events
  10. Elbow bumps 
  11. Hybrid and distance learning
  12. Waiting for a vaccine
What am I missing? Share your pandemic list in the comments below.

My birthday wish? That we are not celebrating Covid's 2nd birthday this time next year. Hopefully, it's not bad luck that it shared it with y'all.

* Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash