Friday, January 29, 2021

New Music Friday: “Wish I Was Ur Guitar,” by norah marie

Welcome back to New Music Friday. Today, I'm so happy to share my 14-year-old daughter's first-ever single, "Wish I Was Ur Guitar." 

I love the song (obviously) and its title. If you ask Norah she'll tell you that she usually has a hard time coming up with titles for her songs, and for this song, she thought of the title first and liked it so much she wrote the entire song around it. She performs everything on the track—lead vocal, harmonies, guitar, bass, and percussion. 

I think it’s great (although I'm quite biased), and I’m super proud of her for having the courage to share her music and creativity with the world.

"Wish I Was Ur Guitar" is available to stream on all of the major platforms, or wherever you listen to music.
Norah will be celebrating its release tomorrow (Sat.) night at 11 pm, live on her Facebook artist page with a Single Release Show. The live stream will be in conjunction with this month's 48 Hour Virtual Music Festival

This month's Fest is supporting and raising money for the Panza Foundation, a local nonprofit that provides monetary grants to support independent musicians, bands, and musical endeavors within Northeast Ohio. This year, they are throwing their financial support to four Cleveland-area clubs that have been devastated by COVID-19—Beachland Ballroom & TavernGrog ShopHappy Dog, and Mahall's. The Panza Foundation is accepting donations here, via PayPal or Venmo.