Friday, September 25, 2020

Coronavirus Update 9-25-2020: The show must go on

This year has been challenging for everyone. COVID-19 has forced everyone to be innovative with everything. Case in point, high school theater. 

Tonight and tomorrow Norah will make her theater debut in Lake Ridge Academy's performance of The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon. Norah is playing multiple roles, including what I'm told is a hilarious Crab Person and Little Red (I believe it's red as in the color of her MAGA hat, and not red as in the color of her hood).

The Morning Journal explains how LRA has adapted its traditional fall play to happen during a pandemic.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has shuttered theater stages across the world, but Lake Ridge Academy has discovered a unique way to keep its state-recognized theater program moving forward and performing to audiences both in-person and virtually this fall.

Over the summer, the private K-12 school … built an expansive open platform treehouse on its quad.…

The treehouse is part of a natural world outdoor playground, but Theater Director Kristy Rodriguez, quickly realized this campus addition could be the key to maintaining a fall play performance.

The play is using the school's new treehouse as its outdoor stage, which will let the school perform the play and maintain all of the critical and necessary Covid mitigation measures it has put in place to keep the students, and in the case, the small and distanced in-person audience, as safe as possible. (Thank God the forecast is for perfect weather.)

The play will be performed twice, tonight under the lights and tomorrow afternoon. Tonight's performance is also being recorded and will be livestreamed for a one-time showing tomorrow night at 7 pm though Broadway On Demand. If you want to experience the thrill of live theater (something that's in short supply and high demand these days), click here to register to obtain the viewing link. 

Also, the cast will be walking the red carpet Saturday evening at 6:30 before their own watch party on campus. I have no idea what this means or will look like, but it sounds like fun and will be streamed live on the Lake Ridge Academy Facebook page.

Bravo Lake Ridge Academy for being innovative to provide these kids (including mine) a performing experience they will never forget. I can't wait to see the final product tonight.