Friday, June 26, 2020

Coronavirus Update 6–26–2020: New music Friday—Norah (en français), and a brand new Old 97’s song @suburbspod #FridayNightHootenanny

Since early May, Norah has spent her Friday nights jamming on the Rockin' the Suburbs podcast's Friday Night Hootenanny. Each Friday at 8 pm, the podcast hosts a virtual jam session via Zoom (sign up here). People can join just to listen or to share a song or two. Each week Norah's been sharing songs from the songbook she's been crafting during quarantine. Last Friday, she played her latest, a song she wrote entirely in French. (Fun facts: Norah has been taking French since kindergarten, she won the "Best Overall French Student" award at her recent middle school graduation, and I can feel her teenage face cringing as I type this.) 

The song is called, "Pas de Pluie, Pas de Fleurs" (No Rain, No Flowers). It's completely beautiful and blew me away. The Rockin' the Suburbs hosts were kind enough to share the video with me, and I'm now sharing it with you.

Also this week, the Old 97's (my favorite band other than Fake ID) released the first single from their upcoming 12th album (appropriately titled Twelfth, and available for pre-order here). If the song, "Turn Off the TV," foreshadows the entire album, Twelfth will be one of the rock 'n' roll highlights of 2020. You can listen to "Turn Off the TV" on Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you stream music, and you can watch the music video (featuring Puddles Pity Party along with a whole bunch of other cool cameos) here.

Have a healthy and safe socially distant weekend, be well, and wear a damn mask.

Addendum (and proud dad moment)

I wrote this post earlier in the week. Today's episode of Rockin' the Suburbs is all about their Friday Night Hootenanny, and five percent of the episode is the hosts gushing about Norah's appearances. Their discussion starts at around the 6:00 mark.