Friday, May 1, 2020

Coronavirus Update 5-1-2020: Some Friday links to share

Just a couple of links to wrap up another looooong week in the world of COVID-19.

First, the video from Tuesday’s Zoominar.

Secondly, yesterday Ohio modified and extended its Stay at Home Order through May 29. The modifications incorporate the State’s reopening plan, which begins today.

Finally, at 2 pm today I’ll be Eric Meyer‘s special guest on Facebook Live, where we will discuss the last 30 days under the FFCRA, and the issues your business needs to consider as you start your return to work. We’ll also be taking some live Q&A, over at The Employer Handbook Facebook Fan Page.

Everyone have a great, safe, and healthy weekend. I’ll be back on Monday with my thoughts on employee mental health issues related to COVID-19.