Friday, March 13, 2020

WIRTW #591 (the “new (ab)normal” edition)

This has been one strange and disorienting week. I haven’t felt this disjointed since 9/11.

No basketball (pro or college).

No hockey.

No baseball.

No James Bond.

No large scale concert tours.

No Broadway shows or Disney parks.

No St. Patrick’s Day parades.

No Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions.

And, in Ohio, no mass gatherings of more than 100 people (to include auditoriums, stadiums, arenas, large conference rooms, meeting halls, cafeterias, or any other confined indoor or outdoor space, but not offices, restaurants, factories, or retail or grocery stores). And no school at least for the next three weeks.

And, to top it off, Tom freakin’ Hanks has coronavirus (my personal breaking point).

So what now? Our new normal is very abnormal. And it’s going to stay this way, at least for the immediate future.

As it stands, the best advice remains to practice social distances, stay home if you’re ill, follow the recommended hand washing and other “good hygiene” protocols, and don’t travel unless you absolutely (and I mean absolutely) have to.

Finally, above all else, please be flexible, understanding, and kind. If there was ever a time to prioritize the human issues, it’s now. Illnesses, quarantines, and closed schools will strain the workplace. I promise you that they are straining your employees more. The more nimble and empathetic we can be, the less this will hurt.

One last thing. When the time comes (and it will come) when we can resume our pre-coronavirus lives, get out and support small businesses, live music, the travel industry, and everyone else whose livelihood was impacted by COVID-19. They are really going to need it.

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