Friday, March 6, 2020

WIRTW #590 (the “win some, lose some” edition)

Life is often about competition. For example, I litigate for a living. Trials have winners and losers. We also compete for jobs, for college admissions, and for sports titles. And competition requires a winner and some losers.

Some things, however, we do just for the experience, even if that experience is built around competition.

Last weekend, my daughter’s band, Fake ID, competed in the finals of the Tri-C High School Rock Off. Even though they did not win the competition, they won the event. They played three songs (including two of their own originals) on stage at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in front of more than a thousand people. They earned a lot of new fans. They befriended other bands with whom they will be able to plan future gigs. As a finalist, they got to record a song in an amazing recording studio at Tri-C (stay tuned; their first single is coming soon, and I’ll be asking all of you to pre-save it on Spotify).

Before we dropped Norah off at the Rock Hall for the pre-event activities, I told her to have fun and play a great set, and that nothing else matters. She understood, and if you ask her she will tell it was mission accomplished. 

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