Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coronavirus resource update 🦠😷

As Ohio recorded its first three official coronavirus cases, I thought now is as good a time as any to share some COVID-19 resources I recently prepared, participated in, or will be participating in.

First, I recorded an episode of the SpheraNOW podcast where I discuss the risks and best practices for employers during this outbreak.

Next, over at meyersroman.com, I share the top 10 issues your business should be thinking about now in preparing for the coronavirus.

Finally, tomorrow, March 11, from noon to 1 pm, I am participating in a webinar through HR.com entitled, “Inoculating your HR policy,” in which I’ll be discussing the disability-discrimination implications of inquiring of and testing employees regarding potential COVID-19 exposure, the information employers can legally disseminate to others about an employee’s COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure, and the leave rights of an employee for a COVID-19 diagnosis- or exposure-related quarantine. This webinar is free, and you can register here.

Knowledge is power, and if you’ve waited to prepare for your employees being exposed to COVID-19 or contracting the virus, you are already way behind the 8-ball.