Friday, June 21, 2019

WIRTW #557 (the “infinity and beyond” edition)

Toy Story has played a huge party in my life. Donovan is a Toy Story fanatic. He’s seen every movie hundreds of times. He has what seems like every toy and every stuffy. Until the age of 6, every article of clothing he owned had a Toy Story character on it somewhere. Buzz and Woody (but especially Buzz) got him (and, by extension, us) through some really tough times when Donovan was a toddler. How could we do anything other than see Toy Story 4 on opening night.

My four word, spoiler-free review: Go now! (Bring tissues.)

My slightly longer, still spoiler-free review: Lots and lots of tissues.

My even longer, yet still spoiler-free review: Nostalgia has a very strong pull. It’s apt that much of this movie takes place in an antique shop, a place that’s all about nostalgia. Toy Story is extraordinarily nostalgic for my family, and if this is end of the road for the series, I can’t imagine a better ending.

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