Friday, October 26, 2018

WIRTW #529 (the “new music Friday” edition)

From time-to-time I like to use this Friday real estate to share new music I'm listening to. Today's  new music also has a pretty cool origin story.

My wife and I vacationed in Sedona, Arizona, in July. And, as most Sedona tourists do, we took a jeep tour through the red rocks. Our tour guide was Brandon Decker. Over the course of our two hour tour we chatted, not just about Sedona, its history, and its mysticism, but also about our families, jobs, and lives outside of the jeep. 

We learned that when he's not driving tour jeeps, Brandon Decker is a professional musician. And not only a professional musician, but a professional musician with a new album about to drop and a national tour about to begin. We did some digging of our own afterwards. He's very accomplished in the Southwest, with seven albums and the title of 2011's Arizona Songwriter of the Year.

We told him about the musician in our family, too. Which led to an invitation for Norah to join him on stage when he stops in Cleveland on November 8.

So check out decker., and his unique brand of psychedelic Americana. I think you'll enjoy it.

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