Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The 15th nominee for the “worst employer of 2018” is … the tasering torturer

Was this a car dealership or the set of Hostel 4?

Jason Cox worked as a car salesperson for Marietta Motors. According to Cox's lawsuit, for the entirety of his 10 months of employment, the company's owner, Travis Westfall, engaged in a continuous and unrelenting campaign of verbal and physical abuse and harassment.

Cox claims that Westfall:

  • Repeatedly demeaned him based on his large size, with names such as "Tiny," "Fat Ass," and "handicapped."
  • On numerous occasions, pointed at Cox the red laser-sight of the handgun he kept at work.
  • Placed the handgun to Cox's chest while telling him not to make any sudden moves.
  • More than once held knives or other sharp objects to Cox's throat while demanding that he not make any sudden movements.
  • Told Cox that he could "slit [his] throat and sleep just fine at night."
  • Struck Cox with a soda bottle on his surgically repaired leg.
  • Punched Cox repeatedly.
  • Lit fires near Cox.
  • Duck taped Cox's phone to his hand and head while he was talking.
  • Repeatedly shocked Cox with a taser, to the point that his co-workers attempted to hide the weapon from Westfall.

Cox also claims that Westfall captured the abuse on video and shared it on social media

Ultimately, claims Cox, he quit and fled the workplace, but not before he claims to have suffered severe and permanent mental and physical injuries.

If even a portion of this stuff happened, not only will it qualify Marietta Motors and Travis Westfall for a well-deserved nomination for the Worst Employer of 2018, but it will also result in a very large and warranted payday for Jason Cox.