Tuesday, July 31, 2018

It's not an oxymoron to be pro-civil rights AND represent management

I read a tweet last night that really angered me.


I've spent my entire professional life representing companies in employment matters.

Defending lawsuits is one part of what I do.

In almost all cases, the employers I represented were not trying to discriminate. They were just trying to do the best they could to run their businesses.

Yet, I still triage all of my cases, advise my clients on risks, costs, and outcomes, recommend settlement when appropriate, and always zealously represent their interests, to trial if necessary. 

I also conduct internal investigations that help stop harassers, discriminators, and retaliators.

I advise employers on how legally to fire, and not fire, employees.

I train managers and supervisors on how to follow the law.

I advocate for the adoption of policies that expand employers' legal responsibilities—LGBT rights and paid sick and parental leave, for example.

While I'm a management-side lawyer, I never stop supporting what I think is just and right.

I'm damn proud of what I do for a living. To suggest anything else does a grave disservice to our profession.

On issues of civil rights and justice, we should ALL be fighting for the same team, period.