Friday, June 8, 2018

WIRTW #509 (the “he did not just say that” edition)

CNN reports that billionaire real estate magnate Sam Zell recently said the following while speaking at a real estate investment trusts trade association:

I never promoted a woman because she was a woman. I never demoted a woman because she was a woman. My issue is what do you do, what do you produce, how do you interrelate to the rest of the business. I don’t think there’s ever been a, “We gotta get more pussy on the block, OK?”

To make matters worse, this is the same guy who, eight years ago, The New York Times alleged to be running a company rampant with sexual harassment and debasement, including executives openly discussing the “sexual suitability” of female employees.

Thank you, Sam Zell, for being “Exhibit A” of why my  job here is far from over.

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* Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash