Thursday, May 24, 2018

The 9th nominee for the “worst employer of 2018” is … the raging retaliator

Today, I take you to lovely Riverside County, California, home of Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park, the Coachella Music Festival … and the 9th nominee for the Worst Employer of 2018.

Until his termination on May 7, 2018, Andrew Yeghnazar had, since 2010, worked as the President of Blacoh Fluid Control, Inc.

What did Blacoh Fluid Control (allegedly) do to earn its nomination?

It retaliated … a lot.

Yeghnazar’s complaint reads like a law school exam in an employment law class. If you’ve ever been to law school, you know that it’s not a good analogy to be part of.

Yeghnazar alleges that he complained about the Blacoh's CEO.

‣ About her alcoholism.
‣ And drug abuse.
‣ And memory loss.
‣ And failing to show up to work.
‣ And embezzlement.
‣ And tax fraud.
‣ And calling an African American employee the “token black guy.”
‣ And refusing to hire a candidate because he was “too fat.”
‣ And prohibiting the hiring of anyone “more beautiful” than her.

The result?

An administrative leave, followed a few days later by his termination.

Any one of these (alleged) retaliatory acts might be enough to a spot on my list.

But all nine of them might make you the worst employer of 2018.