Thursday, April 19, 2018

If you weren’t angry about the fired Saints cheerleader before, you will be now.

Remember Bailey Davis? She’s the New Orleans Saints cheerleader fired for violating the team’s social media policy.

Her offense? This photo, which she posted to her personal Instagram.

She’s already filed a civil rights complaint, and now she’s speaking out about her alleged discriminatory treatment, and discriminatory policies in professional cheerleading in general.

Yesterday, she spoke to The Daily.


This 25 minutes is well worth your time.

If you think your male employees are “predators,” the answer isn’t to punish your female employees, or apply to them a different set of rules intended to protected them. Instead, you simply should deal with the predators.

I understand that we are talking about professional sports, and the predators are the money makers and meal ticket, but that in no way justifies condoning their behavior, or discriminating against your female employees.

If you weren’t angry about this issue before, you will be now.