Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How likely are you to sexually harass?

Are you tired of seeing your Facebook feed littered with the results of your friends’ quizzes, with titles such as, “Which Game of Thrones Character are You?” or “Which Disney Couple Defines You?”

Well, I have one more quiz for you to take, and this one may just pique your interest.

It’s the Likelihood to Sexually Harass quiz.

The quiz, developed in 1987 by John Pryor, a psychologist at Illinois State University, has become a cornerstone for research on sexual harassers.

According to a recent interview with NPR’s All Things Considered, Pryor designed the scale “using some common stereotypes about men in power situations,” based on the premise that “men who would say that they would perform this act in one situation were highly likely to say they would do it in another situation.”

So, click here, and answer the 12 questions as honestly as possible. It should tell you how likely you are to sexually harass someone at work.

For the record, I am a “low risk.” 

Also, I’m a Ned Stark, and a Mickey & Minnie.