Friday, December 1, 2017

WIRTW #486 (the “all apologies” edition)

Accused of sexual harassment? Don’t know what to do?

Thankfully, the Celebrity Perv Apology Generator has you covered.

As the father of daughters, I am deeply ashamed (but not “sorry” because that means I’m guilty of something). At the time I believed that my sociopathic manipulation of the 22-year-old in my office was consensual, and of course now I realize my behavior was wrong. In conclusion, I will get the help I so desperately need because this isn’t actually my fault, I have a problem so I’m not responsible for my actions.
(I’ll take this over Matt Lauer’s “apology” 10 times out of 10; at least this one is honest.)

Thank you, Dana SchwartzRob Sheridan, and Scott McCaughey, from bringing some much needed levity to an otherwise awful situation.

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