Friday, November 3, 2017

WIRTW #483 (the “tardy” edition)

I HATE being late. It’s my number one pet peeve.

It drives my family completely nuts. If I’m even one minute late for anything, I am a mess. For that reason, we are usually five minutes early for everything (which is perfectly okay by me).

I view tardiness as an issue of respect. When you are late, it tells others that you view your time as more valuable than theirs. To me, lateness equal selfishness, and I have little tolerance for the selfish.

Occasionally, however, some situations are out of your control. For my local Northeast Ohio readers, I commute 480 every day from my home in Berea to my office on Chagrin Blvd. in Woodmere. For my non-local readers, picture the worst highway for traffic in your city; that’s 480. One accident or broken-down car will set your commute back by an easy half-hour.

In light of all of this, consider the following, from
Traffic jam derails local woman’s attempt to become registered nurse 
Serena Hernandez … enrolled in Bryant and Stratton College to continue her goal of being an RN. …
It didn’t take much to derail those plans. 
An accident on I-480 last week backed up her commute to her clinical, causing her to miss it completely. 
“Got the phone call that I was eliminated from that course because it was an unexcused absence,” Hernandez said. 
The nursing program at Bryant and Stratton College has a clear rule, it’s written in the student handbook that unexcused absences will result in a failed grade, no matter what.
Hernandez says the rule is unfair and completely unrealistic. The school says the rule is fair because it’s fully explained to, and understood by, all students, and it’s uniformly applied across the board.

What say you? Fair or unfair termination of this student? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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