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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What’s the worst employee exit you’ve ever seen?

There is a right way to quit a job, and a wrong way to quit a job.

Last week, a Twitter employee demonstrated the worst of the latter.

Here’s the story, told by Twitter, appropriately enough via two tweets:

Throughout my career advising employers, I’ve seen lots of mishandled resignations.

Some would call them ill-advised lapses in judgment, others would call them burnt bridges.

A few resulted in lawsuits.
The worst I’ve ever seen involved late night copying of customer files. My successful request for injunctive relief resulted in the return of the files … jumbled together in 19 large, black garbage bags.

Some never change their stripes, I suppose.

What’s the worst employee exit you’ve ever witnessed or experienced? Share in the comments below. I’ll publish my favorites in a future post.