Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Worst Employer of 2017: The Finalists

I started this journey all the way back on January 12, 2017, in a post discussing an employer who fired a man absent while attending his son’s birth.

This poll of the year’s worst employers seemed like a fun way to illustrate how employers shouldn’t act. Your response suggests that I might be on to something.

Almost one year and nearly 600 votes later, we’ve cut the 23 nominees down to these three finalists (in alphabetical order):

The Cancerous Boss — An employee was diagnosed with kidney cancer and required immediate surgery to remove the tumor. His employer denied the request for a 10-day leave of absence, while telling him she doesn’t “need people with cancer working in her office … this is America and in America you have to work even if you’re sick.” She finished by informing him that “with your illness, people die and I cannot keep you as a worker not knowing what is going to happen to you.”  
The Horny Head of HR — A male HR employee complained that the female head of HR nibbled on his ear while romantically whispering, “I hope you’re not going to sue me.” The nibble followed on the heels of her repeatedly telling him about her and her husband’s swinging lifestyle, hugging him against his will, peppering him with questions about his sexual orientation, and sending various inappropriate text messages, including a picture of a man reading the book, “A** Eating Made Simple,” a video of a masturbating monkey, and a picture of a man with an erection going through airport security. 
The Racist Boss — An African-American employee complains to her boss about his repeated racist comments in the workplace (“We’ll just make the Mexicans do it,” and telling his African-America employees, “Y’all are my b******.”). Thereafter, he Christmas gifts her a rhinestone-studded purse of the Confederate flag and several photos of him posing with said flag.

Here’s the fun part. Instead of asking that you pick just one of these gems, I’m giving you the opportunity to rank them from 1 (the worst employer) to 3 (the least worse employer). This will then give me a weighted score to name, finally, the WORST EMPLOYER OF 2017.

The polls will remain open until Wednesday, December 13, at 11 pm.

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