Friday, September 22, 2017

WIRTW #477 (the “just another brick in the wall” edition)

I had a whole post written about Norah’s punk show last weekend, and how her performance awed me.

Then this happened yesterday.

At 2:54 pm I received the following email from the School of Rock general manager:
Major Minors! Roger Water’s people just contacted us, they need 10-12 kids aged 10-15 tonight to be on stage for a section of the show (the we don’t need no education part). This is going out to you guys.… I need to know NOW.
I tore out of my office to pick both kids up at school (45 minutes away if traffic is good; it was) and drop D-man at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Two hours later I was depositing Norah at the Q, where she and her friends were whisked away to costume up, rehearse on stage, eat a fine meal catered by Roger Waters’s personal touring chef (seriously, Norah said the food was that good), meet the man himself, and perform Another Brick in the Wall in front of 20,000 or so screaming fans.

Totally bonkers night. The beauty of it all is that Norah understands and appreciates how bonkers this all is. And that she still needs her dad to drive her places.


And how cool of a guy is Roger Waters? Apparently this freakin’ cool.

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As for the aforementioned punk show, enjoy the below video of Norah absolutely crushing “Second Wave Goodbye” by War on Women (for what it’s worth, the band agrees with my assessment).

I have zero business having a child as cool as she is, period.

I’m looking forward to seeing the second (and, sadly, final) punk performance tomorrow (9/23). If you’re near Strongsville, stop in at Slim & Chubby’s at 3 pm. You will not be disappointed.

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