Monday, January 23, 2017

On the news: Hyman on reckless employee tweets and our new President

Last Thursday morning I received a call from Mike Brookbank, a reporter for WEWS, our local ABC affiliate. “I saw your quotes on on how to post on social media about President Trump without losing your job. I’m pitching a similar story for tonight’s news. Care to be interviewed?”

I said, “Of course, just tell me what time you need me to be ready.” I thought, however, “Poop [not actual word]! I’m not dressed for TV today.”

I always keep a spare jacket and tie on the back of my office door. Problem solved? Not so fast. The color combination with the shirt-of-the-day was more refugee than professional. So, a huge thank you to my law partner, Al Hehr, for the assist with his spare jacket and tie, which fit the bill (an, more importantly, fit my frame) and got me through the interview without a hitch.

As for the story itself, see below to see and hear me say things like, “The leader of the free world, the nation’s role model for better or for worse, is doing exactly what we counsel employees not to do.”

Thanks to Mike Brookbank for the interview. Happy to do it again anytime.