Thursday, September 22, 2016

Yes, these are my readers

It’s rare that I write a same-day follow-up post, but an email I received from a reader in response to this morning’s post merits special attention.

The email read as follows:
Your article on why your son hates Donald Trump is way off base. I think it exemplifies why you have not adequately informed your son on the facts such as she could always come here on a tourist visa….. Educate your son and let him know that part of the reason for Trump’s stance on ILLEGAL immigration is because one day an Illegal Immigrant just might take the job he wants to earn more money.
This was my response:
He’s 8, and while brilliant (the apple not falling far from the tree), I think the nuances of immigration policy might be a bit much for him. Besides, we start our policy discussions in the Hyman house with nuclear proliferation. Immigration policy isn’t until he turns 10.
I’m going to assume I now have one less reader, and that’s perfectly fine by me.